DIY Paper Plate Scarecrow

Winter might need set in in a whole lot of locations by now, however we’re truly nonetheless clinging to the final cool tails of fall the place I come from! My youngsters and I are largely into the total swing of Christmas spirit by now, however since there’s a lot time left to have a good time the vacations, we determined to take a second out final week to make one thing a bit extra autumn impressed earlier than fall leaves us for one more 12 months. That’s how these lovely paper plate scarecrows occurred! The youngsters had so a lot enjoyable making them, truly, that I made a decision to stipulate how we did it simply in case different individuals want to achieve this as properly.

Try these step-by-step directions full with pictures! Should you’d quite observe together with a video tutorial as a substitute of written phrases, scroll to the underside of this submit to search out simply what you’re on the lookout for.

For this mission, you’ll want:

  • A paper plate
  • Yellow paint
  • A paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick
  • Paper (pink, orange, yellow, purple, and brown)
  • A black marker
  • Two googly eyes

Step 1:

Collect your supplies!

Paper plate scarecrow materials

Step 2:

Flip your plate over so it’s the wrong way up and also you’re engaged on what would usually be its backside. Paint the complete floor yellow after which let it dry.

Paper plate scarecrow paint in yellow

Paper plate scarecrow yellow

Step 3:

Minimize two medium sized circles out of your pink paper. I minimize a rectangle from the nook of my web page first, then minimize that in half and made my circles by rounding off the corners of these items so issues had been a bit simpler to govern, quite than attempting to rotate the complete web page as an entire. These will likely be your scarecrow’s rosy cheeks! Set them apart for the second.

Paper plate scarecrow cutting

Paper plate scarecrow round

Step 4:

Minimize a sq. from the nook of your orange piece of paper, about half and inch by half an inch. From one fringe of this sq., minimize an excellent triangle. This will likely be your scarecrow’s nostril. Subsequent, minimize off one of many remaining factors from the place you chop your triangle so you could have an excellent smaller orange triangle. This will likely be your chicken’s beak! Set these apart for the second as properly.

Paper plate scarecrow orange paper

Paper plate scarecrow corners

Step 5:

Make the paper chicken that may sit in your scarecrow’s hat! I began by slicing an oblong strip about an inch large from the lengthy aspect of my yellow paper. I minimize a piece about two inches tall from that and narrowed the edges inward like a triangle, however get it a flat prime as a substitute of some extent. Then, create a fringed backside edge by making tiny cuts upwards from the flat minimize. This will likely be your chicken’s tail. Set that apart after which minimize a small circle for the chicken’s head. Subsequent, minimize a semi-circle form about two inches lengthy and an inch thick to be the chicken’s physique. Lastly, minimize a bit wing by slicing the form of an elongated raindrop. Set all of those apart.

Paper plate scarecrow yellow paper

Paper plate scarecrow bottom

Paper plate scarecrow little pieces

Paper plate scarecrow corners top

Step 6:

Flip your purple web page panorama and minimize a strip about two inches large and the total peak of the web page. Chopping inward from one of many rectangle’s longer edges, minimize fringe all down the aspect from one finish to the opposite, stopping your scissors a number of centimetres from the other lengthy edge on every minimize so that you simply create fringe quite than slicing all the way in which throughout the piece. When you’ve made a fringed impact all the way in which down the piece, minimize it into 5 separate sections of fringe. This will likely be your scarecrow’s hair.

Paper plate scarecrow red

Paper plate scarecrow fringe

Paper plate scarecrow rectangluar pieces

Step 7:

Minimize your piece of brown paper into two, leaving one barely longer than the opposite. Out of your bigger half, minimize a tall semi-circle form with one straight edge and one rounded. This would be the prime of your scarecrow’s hat. Then around the corners off of your small half, making a smoothed rectangular form. This would be the thick brim of your scarecrow’s hat.

Paper plate scarecrow brown

Paper plate scarecrow round corners

Step 8:

Define the perimeters of your two hat items together with your black marker to present them some definition and a cute cartoonish look. Then apply glue alongside the entrance of the flat fringe of your hat’s prime and stick the brim into place there. You now have a full hat to your scarecrow.

Paper plate scarecrow top

Paper plate scarecrow stencil corners

Paper plate scarecrow rounded

Step 9:

Organize your 5 fringed items alongside the highest fringe of your plate like hair! I minimize 5 separate items so they might be simpler to border my scarecrow’s face with following its rounded form, quite than simply having bangs in a clumsy straight line throughout the highest. When you’ve received the items roughly the place you need them, apply glue to the un-fringed prime ends and glue them into place. Then, apply glue yo the again of the hat’s brim and stick it down on prime, over the glue ends of the hair, so the perimeter stands proud under.

Paper plate scarecrow rounded

Paper plate scarecrow glue

Paper plate scarecrow more glue

Step 10:

Full your scarecrow’s face! Glue your googly eyes into place beneath the perimeter and use them as a information to stay down your triangular nostril. I flipped mine the wrong way up as a result of it appeared higher. Use your black marker to attract a smile below the nostril and stick down your pink cheeks at both finish of the smile.

Paper plate scarecrow attach

Paper plate scarecrow attach more

Paper plate scarecrow draw mouth

Step 11:

Put your chicken collectively! Apply glue to the again of the chicken’s round head and stick it to at least one finish of the semi-circle physique. Then apply glue to the straight finish of the purpose orange beak and stick it to the again of the pinnacle so it stands proud the entrance. Subsequent, put some glue on the slender flat finish of the tail and stick it to the again of the physique, on the different finish, so the fringed a part of the tail sticks up and out. Lastly, stick your wing right down to the aspect of the chicken’s physique, close to the highest of the semi-circle. I made a decision final second. to make little cuts in my wig, from the pointed tip in in the direction of the rounded finish, to make it seem like feathers. Then I caught it into place. Lastly, apply glue to the bottom of the chicken’s physique and stick it to the scarecrow’s hat, overlapping the highest edge fo the brim.

Paper plate scarecrow hat

Paper plate scarecrow stencil bird

Paper plate scarecrow bird

Paper plate scarecrow crafts

Paper plate scarecrow diy

That’s all there’s to it! Simply in case you’d like to do that mission out for your self, right here’s a implausible tutorial video that can assist you!

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